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  日期:2012-07-08 11:20:45
  Sample topic: Me and My Dragon. The informal essay is written mainly for enjoyment. This is not to say that it cannot be informative or persuasive; however, it is less a formal statement than a relaxed expression of opinion, observation, humour or p
[词汇22000] 英文标点符号翻译大全
  日期:2008-07-30 23:50:39
  + plus 加号;正号 - minus 减号;负号 plus or minus 正负号 is multiplied by 乘号 is divided by 除号 = is equal to 等于号 is not equal to 不等于号 is equivalent to 全等于号 ≌ is equal to or approximately equal to 等于或约等于号 is approximately equa
  日期:2007-08-10 08:50:48
  文献是原始文献的代表,它提供了原始文献的信息内容,但不能代替原始文献(即一次文献),因为其内容已大大简化。 文献本身给读者一个信息,即该篇文献所包含的主要概念和讨论的主要问题,帮助科技人员决定这篇文献对自己的工作是否有用。 《美国工程索引》(The Engin
Why has the global capital market grown so rapidly
  日期:2007-08-07 20:00:42
  Why has the global capital market grown so rapidly International Business Environment Tutors: Irene Greaves, Linda Onyeka Student Name: Sihao Xie Date: 14 JANUARY 2002 Introduction Dictionary of Business defines the capital market as a market in whi
什么是最重要的文化差异What are the most important culture differences
  日期:2007-08-07 21:55:52
  What are the most important culture differences As we all know, different countries have different cultures. 'Culture is the collective programming of the mind which distinguishes the members of one category of people from another.' (Hofstede, 1991
肢体语言在中学中应用The Use of Body Language in Middle Schools
  日期:2007-08-05 19:51:35
  The Use of Body Language in Middle Schools Author: Zhnag Lei Supervisor: Dong Chunzhi Foreign Language Department Hankou Branch of Huazhong University of Science and Technology 【Thesis】: With the continual reform of language teaching and learning
如何提高听说能力How to improve the ability of listening and speaking
  日期:2007-08-05 19:46:03
  How to improve the ability of listeningand speaking I. Introduction The purpose of middle school English teaching is to improve the students' four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, with the base of necessary phonetics, large vocabu
A comparative study
  日期:2007-07-16 22:01:54
  Abstract: As we know, Hanfeizi is the most representative figure of the legist school. His ideas are best described in his book Hanfeizi ,in which he strongly advocated the importance of law, means, force for an emperor to control his country. About
  日期:2007-07-11 20:51:52
  刊名: 当代语言学(原名为:国外语言学) 出版地: 北京 主办单位:中国社科院语言研究所 投稿地址:北京建国门内大街5号《当代语言学》编辑部 100732 电子邮件: 刊名: 外国语言文学(原名为:福建外语) 出版地: 福州 主办单位:
  日期:2007-07-16 20:31:46
  随着医学事业的发展,为满足对外交流的需要,国家统一规定,公开发表的学术论文应附有英文摘要。 英文摘要的内容要求与中文摘要一样,包括目的、方法、结果和结论四部分。但是,英文有其自身特点,最主要的是中译英时往往造成所占篇幅较长,同样内容的一段文字,若用英
  日期:2007-07-17 20:24:19
  我认为要写好一个Introduction,最重要的是要保持鲜明的层次感和极强的逻辑性,这两点是结合在一起的,即在符合逻辑性的基础上建立层层递进的关系。 一开始,我们要首先阐述自己研究领域的基本内容,要尽量的简洁明了,不要罗里罗嗦一大堆。须知看文章的人都是该领域的
  日期:2007-07-16 18:18:44
  关键词:医学英语论文写作 在医学论文的各部分中,文题是篇幅最少的,但它对于整篇论文的意义却不能仅仅以其篇幅多少来衡量[1].比如,文献检索时,我们都会经历这样一个过程:在用关键词检索到众多文献后,首先会根据文题进行第一次筛
  日期:2007-07-17 20:09:01
  一般来说,一篇完整规范的英语论文由以下各部分构成: Title(标题) Abstract(摘要) Keywords(关键词) Table of contents(目录) Nomenclature(术语表) Introduction(引言) Method(方法) Results(结果) Discussion(讨论) Conclusion(结论) Acknowledgement(致谢) Referen
  日期:2007-07-11 19:52:51
  (一)题名(Title,Topic) 题名又称题目或标题。题名是以最恰当、最简明的词语反映论文中最重要的特定内容的逻辑组合。 论文题目是一篇论文给出的涉及论文范围与水平的第一个重要信息,也是必须考虑到有助于选定关键词不达意和编制题录、索引等二次文献可以提供检索的
[应试写作] 生命箴言 Proverbs for Abundant Living
  日期:2007-07-06 12:20:40
  以下生命格言都是可以在写作中引用的佳句 In life we are to encourage and build up each other; not to discourage and tear down one another. In life we are to add, not subtract; to multiply, not divide. In life we are to leave an enduring impression; no
个人发展的奇迹 the miracle of personal development
  日期:2007-07-06 12:13:05
  One day Mr. Shoaff said, Jim, if you want to be wealthy and happy, learn this lesson well: Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. Since that time I've been working on my own personal development. And I must admit that this has bee
  日期:2007-07-04 10:42:33
  美式教育的特点即是课程内容强调学生参与及创新运用,因此,报告便成了常见的考核学生学习成果的方式,比如实验报告、学期报告、专题报告、研究报告及论文(含毕业论文)等。研究生presentation 及 seminar 的机会更是占很大的比重,有些甚至占学期成绩很大比例。如何
[名人名言] 毛泽东经典语录(中英对译)
  日期:2007-05-22 19:26:55
  江山如此多娇,引无数英雄竞折腰。惜秦皇汉武,略输文采;唐宗宋祖,稍逊风骚。一代天骄,成吉思汗,只识弯弓射大雕。俱往矣,数风流人物,还看今朝。 The country is so beautiful, where so many heroes had devoted their lives into it. Sorry that the Qin Empero
  日期:2007-03-28 15:42:43
  BELUSHI TALK: DEALING WITH CRITICISM AND WHAT PEOPLE REMEMBER You know, I think often criticism means you struck a nerve. And in the case of Belushi and drug use and the Hollywood and entertainment world, that book came out in 1984, probably the fir
  日期:1970-01-02 08:37:01
  AGING AND PRODUCTIVITY AMONG ECONOMISTS Abstract --Economists' productivity over their careers and as measured by publication in leading journals declines very sharply with age. The re is no difference by age in the probability that an article submi
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